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Sawyer Collaborative Robots for Industrial Automation

Sawyer Collaborative Robots for Industrial Automation

Pick & Place

Almost every plant in the world operates some form of line loading and unloading. Rethink Robotics’ smart, collaborative robot Sawyer provides a great solution for the monotonous, yet critically important jobs of moving parts to/from tables, conveyors, and fixtures. The ability to maintain counts, re-orient parts and place them into position makes Sawyer a natural fit.

Plastic Injection & Blow Molding

With growing customer demand for product customization, Sawyer, the smart collaborative robot, delivers a cost-effective, high performance factory automation tool for injection molders seeking machine tending, product inspection, and material handling capabilities – all in one, adaptable system.

PCB Handling & ICT

PCB handling and ICT have historically been applications that were difficult to automate due to the delicate nature of parts and the frequency of line changeovers. Sawyer, the high performance, easy to use, flexible and popular collaborative robot, was designed specifically to handle these types of tasks.

Testing & Quality Inspection

Testing systems have historically been found only on high volume production lines. Now, Rethink Robotics’ collaborative robot delivers the complete package that includes multi-point inspection using a single camera, full digital traceability of results, and error-proof processing.

Metal Stamping & Press Tending

Working with metal forming and stamping machines can be dirty, dull and dangerous work. And many processes still require the “human touch.”

CNC Machine Tending

Machine tending is one of the most boring jobs in any plant. Easy to use and flexible Sawyer´s ability to integrate with CNC machines makes the cobot a great solution for coordinating the varied cycle times

Co-Packing & End-of-Line Packaging

The easy to use and flexible, collaborative robot Sawyer is well suited for a wide range of packaging applications. From the repetitive demands of case packing, to the high variability requirements of 3PL providers

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