Safe Load Testing Technologies

Safe Load Testing Technologies

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Drop Testers – innDrop

Drop Testers – innDrop

Drop testers allow us to know how vertical and rotational impacts can affect the integrity of the packaging and the products. The information obtained by the innDrop family will help design a suitable packaging to protect the good during the distribution cycle.

In addition, these solutions are made to perform extremely accurate tests from main standards, such as ASTM, ISTA or EN.


  • 2 different designs depending packaging size
  • Drop height up to 2 m
  • Maximum load up 1.200 kg / 2.640 lb
  • Steel impact surface
  • Hydraulic dumpers
  • Possibility of control the drop orientation
  • Intuitive touch screen controller


  • Foundation kit to reduce the minimum height
  • innVision SET: High-speed camera and software to measure the unit load deformation, generating a report.
  • Hazards

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