Safe Load Testing Technologies

Safe Load Testing Technologies

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Tilt Testing Tool

Tilt Testing Tool

The Tilt Testing Tool is an affordable device to allow any company to validate and optimize the load in a simple and safe way.  The tool is designed with the end user in mind, thus it is characterized by being detachable, for easy transport and handling, and very intuitive, guaranteeing an easy, safety and fast use.

In order to perform a tilting test, the load is tilted in a controlled manner up to a predetermined inclination or until failure. It is therefore a suitable method to quickly compare different samples, such as during the design process, and measure the stability at the end of the production line without adding more elements to it.

Moreover, this method is highly recommended for quality control systems. It could also be useful for highly rigid products that are transported in a compact manner (as seen in the furniture sector), provided that the packaging has limited slack.

In case the Tilt Testing Tool is used, repeatability is guaranteed, meaning that it is a very useful tool to study package optimization and achieve load stability.

The incorporation of this validation tool will allow participants in the transport chain to achieve safe loading conditions, compliance legal obligations and comply with the new European standard EN 12195-1:2010.

With this new tool, Safe Load Testing Technologies has a triple objective:

  • Increase transport safety. By improving the stability of the load, it is possible to reduce the number of accidents caused by falling cargo elements during transport.
  • Cost optimization. Packaging material optimization not only concerns the cost of the raw materials in question. Reducing the number of losses due to product falling or damage during transport or handling is also indicative of packaging optimization. A holistic vision when designing the product + packaging is very important. It should be considered that the product + packaging will be transported and there will be more and more different channels for distribution. Optimizing product packaging for the distribution channel allows for a drastic cost optimization too.
  • Enhance sustainability. Besides, thanks to the optimization in the use of materials, we can help to reduce packaging waste and CO2 emissions.

Any company whose products are susceptible to get damage in transport or whose pallets are susceptible to deformation endangering transport, now has the possibility to verify their pallets in their own facilities in a fast, reliable and professional way, optimizing them to increase security, contribute to sustainability and increase logistics and cost efficiency.

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