Aldcroft Adhesives Ltd

Aldcroft Adhesives Ltd

Unit A, Tonge Fold Mill 13 Clegg Street Bolton BL2 6BL

AboutAldcroft Adhesives Ltd

Aldcroft Adhesives Limited are a family-owned manufacturer and distributor of adhesives, sealants and coatings for industry with 40 years’ experience.

We manufacture water based pva, eva, acrylic and urethane adhesives and coatings in the UK. We have over 3000 water based formulations and the ability to adjust the adhesives to your needs. Our versatile plant and equipment allow us to manufacture in quantities from 5kg to 3 tonne batches and we can colour adhesives to match your requirements. Our plant includes specially designed equipment which has been designed by Leigh Aldcroft using his years of experience in the industry which allows us to achieve consistent, high-quality mixes not available from other companies.

We offer a toll manufacturing service for water based formulations and any of our products can be own labelled and packed for all our products. Contract packing of water based products is also available.

We are one of the longest standing distrubutors for the complete range of Power Adhesives Ltd TEC hot melt glue guns and the UK manufactured TECBOND glue sticks and glue slugs together with their Hobby-TEC craft range.. The Power range includes a complete line up of hand held glue guns from craft guns to pneumatic hot melt guns. suitable for 24 hour a day usage. A battery version using Ryobi batteries and a gas gun are also available for use where no power is available. The range includes a patented spray gun which frequently replaces solvented spray products in the flight case and furniture industries with a solvent free, low level of hazard system, thereby eliminating the need for costly protective equipment and extraction systems and reducing solvent usage. A Knot-Tec wood filler system for repair knot holes and filling wood is available from Power Adhesives offering a wood filler product which can be over-painted within minutes.,

Our products also include Apollo Chemicals and Bostik range of contact adhesives, cyanoacrylates, aerosol and cannister adhesive and release products, epoxy adhesives, polyurethane and urethane products, sealants and animal glues and the Bison consumer range.