Sansu Beverage Co Ltd - South Korea

In the heart of the Jirisan mountain national park, where the force of nature can be seen in all its splendour, gushes the pure crystalline water which is famous all over South Korea. We are talking about sansu natural mineral water, produced by the company Sansu beverage ltd, which, in slightly more than 30 years, has managed to understand market evolution and face its new requests. The company has recently invested in new machinery To increase production capacity in the Sancheong and Sudong plants. Sansu beverage approached smi for the supply and installation of an ecobloc® 16-48-16 hp vmag integrated system, an sk 500f ergon shrinkwrapper and a dv500s ergon lane divider for the plant in Sancheong and an sk 500f ergon shrinkwrapper with a dv500s ergon Lane divider for the plant in Sudong.

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